Published: Arcpy and ArcGIS, Second Edition

Hot off the presses, the new version of ArcPy and ArcGIS is available now from Packt and Amazon and many others.

With six new chapters (in the e-book; five in print), this book covers the use of three Python modules for ArcGIS: ArcPy, ArcREST, and ArcGIS API for Python. Script samples and lessons show how to automate the analysis, management, publication and updating of geospatial data.

Dara O’Beirne and I worked hard to revise and update the existing book, while expanding and improving the coverage of Python modules for ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Enterprise.

I believe that this book is the most up to date Python book for ArcGIS. I hope you enjoy learning how to become an ArcPy powerhouse!



ArcPy course at the GIS Education Center for CCSF

I’m excited to announce that I will once again be teaching the Python for ArcGIS course for the GIS Education Center at City College of San Francisco.

Early birds get a 30 percent discount so please sign up early, but even late-sign ups will be pleased with the low cost of the 4 week/4 session course, which will cover chapters from ArcPy and ArcGIS.  I will also be introducing some material from the second edition of ArcPy and ArcGIS, which is underway and will be out in May,

I’m excited to meet more professionals and students who want to learn how to automate the analysis of location information. Contact me to discuss more about the class and the material!


  • by Silas Toms, President of Loki Intelligent Corporation



ArcPy and ArcGIS part 2!

I’m proud to announce that the second edition of ArcPy and ArcGIS: Geospatial Analysis with Python is underway. This time, I’m pleased to be joined by my good friend and former colleague, Dara O’Beirne.

We will be including a lot of new material, as Esri’s Python-based automation possibilities have increased dramatically in the almost two years since the first edition came out. While the first edition will still have the most in-depth coverage of how to use ArcPy to automate analysis and produce map books, we are going to add a lot of information about the new ArcGIS API for Python that allows for automated analysis and administration of ArcGIS Online. It’s an amazing new resource for cloud GIS administrators and analysts that we’re excited to highlight.

We believe that the writing and editing will be complete by early May, so look for the second edition of the book at the end of spring, just in time for the Esri UC in July. I’m really excited to work with Dara again as we did great work together at Arini, plus we are good friends outside of work dating to our time as graduate students at San Francisco State. It’s an exciting time for the Loki Mob, and there’s lots more to come!

GIS Day 2016


I had the pleasure of speaking (remotely) to students at my alma mater, Humboldt State University. It meant a lot that the students asked if I could attend, or at least appear, and I was excited to speak to them.

Earlier in the year, I went to HSU to speak in person to these same students. I wanted them to know that geography and GIS are great topics to learn, and that there are a lot of jobs with companies large and small in the Bay Area and beyond. It was important for them to hear about how location information (or loki) has become a major industry, as not enough people know about it- yet.

Thanks so much to Professor Amy Rock and to student organizer Eric Daniels for having me speak!

Super Bowl 50

As a part of the acclaimed Arini Geographics team, I designed and implemented a real-time common operational picture that allowed all levels of government to communicate and coordinate. Used at every event at Levi’s Stadium, it was a huge part of the effort that made Super Bowl 50 the safest Super Bowl ever.

It was an amazing experience, as both a geographer and a sports fan!

Special Achievement in GIS Award, Esri UC 2015

I was proud to get the opportunity to met Jack Dangermond, President of Esri, and to receive recognition for the role I played in designing the Levi’s Stadium Common Operational Picture (COP) for the Santa Clara Police Department. I’m pictured with Sgt.  Ray Carreira (right) of the SCPD and my friend and co-designer, Gabriel Paun of Arini Geographics.

My first handshake with a billionaire, I believe.

Raising one finger in recognition of the life saved by SCPD while using the real-time COP at Levi’s Stadium.