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Mastering Geospatial Analysis with Python is out!

Check out my new book on over 16 different Python 3 geospatial modules, written with Erik van Rees and Paul Crickard. Find it here from Packt Publishing: It’s also available on Amazon:    

Support for Regina Obe

Loki Intelligent is pleased to join others in supporting the efforts of Regina Obe as she works tirelessly to produce PostGIS tools for GIS developers. Here is her Patreon page, where you can join us in supporting her efforts:    


Here is a PDF of our presentation on data-driven neighborhoods, as presented to the Sacramento GIS Users Group on May 2nd, 2018.

Mappyist Hour Podcast, Episode 2

New Episode now available! Silas and Todd talk with Alex Mahrou of Projected.XYZ fame about Esri and more. The Mappyist Hour is now on iTunes, so it’s available on the iPhone Podcast app. Here is the Soundcloud version:    

Mappyist Hour Podcast, Episode 1

Loki Intelligent’s Silas Toms is now a host of the Mappyist Hour, a podcast dedicated to the people and technologies of GIS. Join him and Todd Barr as they discuss everything geospatial:    

Progress Report: Geospatial for Python 3

The new book is coming along wonderfully, and with a few schedule adjustments, looks to be complete by the end of March. My chapters cover Python web frameworks for web mapping. Using Flask and Django, the reader will build a geodatabase and interact with it using the Model/View/Controller architectural pattern. It will also cover the

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